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Ted Priebe, OMD, Doctor of Oriental Medicine; Lic. No AC-2184

• California Worker’s Compensation, Medical Unit, (Provider No. 1210)
CME Provider Medical Board of California; Board of Podiatric Medicine
• California Acupuncture Board, (CEP Provider No. 702)

Learn to Project Confidence!
Learn to Project Confidence!
These Courses have been developed for MD; DO; DPM; L.Ac; PA; DC and others that desire evidence-based education for a specialty in “Needle Therapy” (Acupuncture), a sub-specialty for a Multi-disciplinary team approach in functional restoration of the injured worker.

"Needle Therapy” (acupuncture) Chinese "needling therapy” zhen=needle, zhì=to cure or to heal, is and always has been science based. California B&P Code 4927 (d) defines Needle Therapy (acupuncture) "…to normalize physiological functions, including pain control, for the treatment of certain diseases or dysfunctions…"

Needling Therapy

California has adopted in Statute and Regulation, The Medical Treatment Utilization Schedule (MTUS) California Labor Code Section 9792.24.1—Acupuncture Medical Treatment Guidelines; evidence based in compliance with the DIVISION OF WORKERS’ COMPENSATION QUALIFIED MEDICAL EVALUATOR REGULATIONS LC 3209.3 Licensed Acupuncturists TITLE 8 California B&P Code 9792.21.

The failure of US and European TCM theory, founded on non-scientific notions and metaphysical translations of the Chinese texts, as well as being inconsistent with mainstream medicine, has contributed to denial of access of needed patient care, in California and the U.S, and disrespect of this great medical modality. “Acupuncture” described by metaphysical terms (French energetics-there is no evidence of meridians or circulating energy; energy is a process –ADP/ATP mitochondria) has been adopted by a large segment of American and European medical doctors and lay acupuncturists as well as sub-standard school programs & certifications.

The MTUS; Acupuncture (Needle Therapy) is presumptively correct consistent with the physiological basis of needling therapy and nationally recognized evidence-based treatment guidelines.

The Chinese concept of physiological function was well understood, highly sophisticated for its time and involved a dynamic view of the function of all body systems. This early documented understanding embraces Cannon’s concept of feedback control of “homeostasis” as well as the unstable feed-forward aspects of hormone mediated vitalities and emotions called “allostatis”. Selection of neurovascular nodes are correctly based on the longitudinal distribution of nerves, blood vessels and arteries, lymphatic and segmental dominance through muscle distributions specific in relation to pathology and injury.

Adopting semantics such as dry needling or percutaneous nerve stimulation PENS supposedly rediscovered by Travell & Simmons (actually validating the “trigger point” discoveries of the early Chinese) does not change history or proper application of this modality. All proponent’s claim these theories and applications to be an adaptation of Chinese acupuncture, while proclaiming are derived from vastly different concepts, without qualification of this perceived difference, as we all have the same physiology. This has led to inconsistent data in research design; unreliable methodology and underutilization.

Ted Priebe, OMD
Doctor of Oriental Medicine; Lic. No AC-2184
Appointed Member, Medical Evidence Evaluation Advisory Committee (MEEAC)
California Department of Workers’ Compensation, Medical Unit

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